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It’s impossible to do business in a debt-free way. Someone is shipping goods or providing a service with a delayed payment or in installments. This is a debt. One can return it at once, or hold it, or refuse to pay it altogether. In the second and third cases, you will have to defend your interests, perhaps in court. We will help you get your money back without losing your reputation.

Debts can be collected in two ways: in a peaceful manner or in court.

Peaceful settlement

Debts often «get stuck» for quite peaceful reasons. For example, a debtor’s financial department hasn’t functioned properly, a manager hasn’t submitted a payment request on time, a company has faced unpredictable expenses and didn’t have enough money. There’s no reason to shoot from the hip. It would be a better idea to get in touch with the management and have a peaceful conversation.

We have dealt with a case when a creditor was too quick to accuse the director of a debtor company who had no idea about the issue. The next day the company returned the debt, but the relationships got spoiled, of course.

In such cases it is much better to go easy on a debtor, wait a week or two and remain friends with your client. Still, sometimes you can come across more complicated situations.

In court

Unscrupulous companies enjoy the trust of suppliers and use the money borrowed from them as current assets. Basically, they take out an interest-free loan for an indefinite period without any permission. In such situations, there’s very little chance to settle the matter peacefully, and one has to go to court.

Case study

A supplier company shipped goods worth UAH 318 000 to a pharmacy chain with a payment period of three months. The deadline had passed, but the pharmacy did not return the debt and asked for a one month extension. Then the pharmacy said that they still had no money, and they would return the debt later. The supplier could not solve this matter peacefully and turned to us. In the course of our work, we found out that the pharmacy chain had managed to open two new pharmacies during the time they said they couldn’t pay the money back. At the same time, the pharmacy’s assets were sufficient enough to repay the debt. Looking ahead, we received the full debt compensation through the court, including inflation percent.

Attorney’s assistance

Once you understood that your client is cheating and is not going to pay, you should call an attorney. In this case, we will not file suit straightaway, but will try to resolve the matter outside of court.

We will collect information about your client, look into their financial situation, assets they own and forecast possibilities of debt payment. If the client can pay, we will meet them and highlight all the details, indicate benefits of timely debt payment and offer to close the case peacefully.

At the same time, we will start preparing documents for the court. If the client refuses to meet us halfway, next day we will file a lawsuit. In this case, we guarantee the court will rule in your favor.

As soon as we have a judicial enforcement document on hand, we will initiate money transfer to your account. If the debtor does not have enough money at this stage, we will go through the process of selling their property and make sure the debtor has returned the money.
We include legal costs and inflation percent into the amount of payment.

Our approach

We believe that it’s much easier to return money than repair broken relationships, as they are very important for doing business. That is why we protect not only your financial interests, but also your business reputation.

We carefully work on every case, including complicated ones, without any insults and pressure. We try to make your business relationships run smoother and act as intermediaries to some extent. We have even had a case with an unprecedented result: the company of our client and its debtor continued their cooperation after the third (!) trial and now successfully work without using debts.

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