Disputes on administrative offenses

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We live in a state of rights regulated by law. Everything we do falls under the definition of legal or illegal, no matter if we remember about it or not. Sometimes we can break the law, either by mistake or an unfortunate coincidence, and the punishment that follows is sometimes too severe and often unfair.

Administrative offenses

An administrative offense is an illegal action or inaction done by a physical or legal person against property, public health, morality, ecology, etc. A full list of administrative violations can be found in the Code of Administrative Offenses of Ukraine. The difference between an administrative and criminal offence lies in the degree of damage. For example, if you drive past a stop sign without stopping, this is an administrative violation. If you hit and kill someone, this is a crime.

Administrative punishment

Punishment depends on the degree of guilt. Article 24 of the Code provides the following types of punishment:

  • Warning.
  • Fine.
  • Penalty points.
  • Paid seizure of an item used for committing an offence, or its confiscation.
  • Deprivation of special permits (driving license, hunting rights).
  • Dismissal from office.

Other options include correctional or social labour, administrative arrest or holding cells. Foreigners and stateless persons can be forced to leave the country

Abuse of power

In theory, administrative law guards interests and freedoms of citizens. In practice, someone can use the law for their personal benefit. For example, in order to save money, a housing and maintenance office (ZHEK) can pretend that your house is in a normal condition, although its roof leaks and a half of the wall has fallen off. Or amount of a fine for traffic violation may substantially exceed what you really deserve. Your competitors or haters can also manipulate the law, which is especially common in business.

Those who don’t accept such situation will have to fight. But the problem is that it is extremely difficult to beat the system on your own. Especially if you don’t have a good understanding of the laws. In addition, anything you say during the hearings can be used against you and, as a result, you can get a more severe punishment. We recommend not taking any risks and hiring an attorney.

Legal assistance in administrative disputes

Our services include:

  • Review of the case record.
  • Legal opinion on the scope of the dispute.
  • Legal advice.
  • Preparation of claims, appellate or cassation appeals and other necessary documents.
  • Participation in court hearings.
  • Preparation and filing of procedural documents during the case.

Remember that the law is on your side, but you should know how to use it.

Please contact us, we will protect your rights.

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