Disputes with insurance companies

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Disputes between an insurance company and an ordinary person reminds of fighting without rules. You’ve been given a round of applause, a smiling referee invites you to step into the ring, and the moment after that you get a kick in the face. This is just an allegory, but it perfectly reflects the situation. At first, these people behave nicely and promise full protection, but when trouble comes, they pretend that they don’t know you. We will help to refresh their memory.


The most important stage is signing an insurance contract. Be prepared, because this is where they can cheat you. An agent will say a lot of inspiring things and offer to sign a «standard contract, just like for everyone else». You can’t do it until you have read the contract through, including words in fine print. Still, you won’t understand much because of vague wording. It will also feel like you don’t have enough time to dig deeper because of the manager who is sighing impatiently and trying to hurry you up.

Scrutinizing the contract is a less stressful experience when you do it with a lawyer. The insurance agent won’t try to hurry you up with exaggerated sighs. They will be busy answering the attorney’s questions and making corrections into the contract. In this case, you can be sure that the contract terms will be beneficial to you in the first place, not to an insurance company.


If you have signed the contract without any assistance from the attorney, and an insured event has occurred, contact your insurance company and seek for compensation. At this stage, the insurance company can react in the following ways:

  • Not accept your documents.
  • Shift the payment deadline without any reasons.
  • Send a request for compensation to a responsible person in case of a car accident.
  • Under-price material damage.
  • Impose an estimated amount determined by its own evaluators.
  • Refuse to pay due to delays in reporting the insured event or because it’s impossible to identify all the details of the accident.

These indicate that the insurance company doesn’t want to pay money. In this case, it is useless to struggle with it on your own – insurance lawyers know all the ins and outs of this procedure. They will stress you out and take your money, but you will not get any compensation.

Attorney’s assistance

We know everything about strengths and weaknesses of all the insurance companies operating in the Ukrainian market, including international divisions. We know the right words to prove the insurance lawyers that you are right.
Our experience includes 118 successful insurance cases of various nature – road accidents, home insurance, travel insurance. The total amount of payments is UAH 7.2 million.
When we take a case, we carefully analyse all the relevant information and work out an action plan. We help to gather additional facts and evidence. We prepare documents for the legal action, conduct the case in court until we win and give your money back.
It doesn’t hurt to have a trusted aide in a battle. Let’s fight together!

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