Disputes with state and local authorities

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Every honest taxpayer expects that the state will take their side in case they face a problem. But it happens that the state is idle when its help is most needed, or acts against the interests of the victim, and does more harm than anyone else.

From practice. A co-owner of a house was illegally deprived of her land

The co-owner of the condominium lost her land. It turned out that her neighbors applied to the district administration and privatized the land under the house, including the front garden of our client. She tried to seek justice by sending complaints and petitions to various authorities, appealed to lawyers, but didn’t get any result. After scrutinizing her case, we were amazed at the degree of system’s cynicism – the neighbors didn’t have any legal grounds for privatizing her land, but, nevertheless, they got it, as we suspected, for some “gratitude” in return. We filed a lawsuit in court, won it, then we won the case in the court of appeal. Our client got her land back and compensated for legal costs.

Cases when it is necessary to defend the rights of taxpayers in trials with the state is one third of our activities. Both individuals and business people turn to us for help.

From practice. Businessman got over price of land-lease

The developer had to extend the lease of land. The municipality refused to do it until the developer would pay an inflationary difference of UAH 598 000 for it. The amount seemed overpriced to the developer, so he turned to us. After calculating the amount under the terms of the contract, we found out that he had to pay only 98 000 UAH, while 500 000 UAH were accrued illegally. We filed a lawsuit and sued the difference back, including legal costs.

Our services for settling disputes with state bodies

  • Consultations. At first, we try to settle the matter peacefully, without a trial, thus saving your money and time. At this stage, we analyze your case, evaluate the legitimacy of the state bodies’ actions and brainstorm ideas for getting the result you want. We will consult, help you draw up complaints, petitions and other documents. If the state the body does not go to meet us halfway, we will start preparing documents for the court.
  • Pre-trial preparation. At the pre-trial stage, we draw up a defense strategy, choose tactics, take part in negotiations, prepare documents for the court.
  • Court. We represent your interests in courts of all levels, including the appellate court and the ECHR.

We also defend the interests of taxpayers in trials with the executive service.

To start working with us you need to sign a contract allowing us to deal with your case. The process will not bother you, in the end you will receive a court decision in your favour.

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