Disputes with the executive service

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The executive service is a faithful dog of the state which helps to increase the budget. Executive officers often act by court order, but can also use administrative responsibility orders or the executive order of a notary, which is very common for banks. In any case, if you have to deal with an executive officer, prepare for trouble.

Any person, who got their property arrested by the executive office, is considered to be a criminal, and therefore, in the executive officer’s understanding, is not worth standing on ceremony. They can not only take your apartment and car, but also, to put it mildly, will not be very polite.

But this is still not the end of the story. We can tell from our own experience that most of the confiscations are carried out with violations of the law, some of them being outrageously blatant. For example, the executive service can arrest an apartment even though the person has enough money on their bank account to pay, a car or a country house.

Traffic tickets is a large piece of the budget pie. Under the law, a violator must pay the ticket within three months from the day of receiving it. But in some cases, the executive service puts a car under arrest before the end of the payment period, and then confiscates it.

The worst thing is that the executive service is not under anybody’s control, and the only way to deal with it a legal dispute.

Legal assistance

Defence strategy and tactics will depend on the nature of dispute with the executive service. Most often it includes case investigation and challenging misconduct of the executive officers.

Sometimes it is necessary to delay the payment of debt. Fortunately, the current legislation gives the victim quite extensive opportunities to postpone payments. When appealing to the right rules of the law, you can win a delay of up to 2 years. This time is usually enough to prove your innocence, withdraw the property from arrest or find money and pay off the debt.

We provide a comprehensive approach to this problem: scrutinize the case and work out a defense strategy.

We are challenging the orders of the executive service concearing:

  • Division of property.
  • Traffic ticket fines.
  • Overdue loans.

To start working, we only need a contract allowing us to deal with the case. We’ll do the rest ourselves – return your property and a peaceful mind.

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