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More and more Ukrainian companies use outsourcing model when employing the law companies. Why? The Ukrainian legislation is quite changeable and various amendments can be introduced every day. To keep up with all the updates, corporate lawyers regularly study these amendments and explanatory notes to the laws.

This process is quite time-taking and one lawyer can hardly do that: first, he or she won’t have enough time to study all the amendments; second, you’ll never find a lawyer that knows all types of legislation well enough. And every company shall observe ALL the regulations and legislative provisions or there is a big chance of taking a mistake and getting a fine.

An association of attorneys solves this problem. It works as an integral body and every attorney in it is an expert in his or her field. That allows to embrace the entire legislation and track all the amendments and updates to apply all of them in business.


We offer subscription services for our companies and provide a complete legal support services package:

  • Contracts: We draw up new contracts and amend the ones that have already been made. We assist at signing the contracts with the contractors and business partners, settle all the disputes arising from the provisions of the contract in your favor, terminate the contracts reasonably and safe including the termination procedure through legal proceedings.
  • Legal defense: Draw up complaints, provide support in receivables recovery and file lawsuits.
  • International business activity: We provide legal support for the international business activity starting from signing contracts and up to satisfying all the obligations under these contracts. We settle the disputes with tax and customs authorities, represent our clients in ICA (International Commercial Arbitration) for the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Ukraine and international arbitration courts worldwide.
  • Tax disputes: We provide assistance and support in the accounting policy development basing on all the legal standards and regulations. We track all the amendments in the legislation and change the accounting policy in accordance with them. We participate in tax audit and administrative inspections.
  • Business registration and liquidation: We register the companies of any form of incorporation and do that asap. We perform legal audit and wind up problem companies.
  • One-time consultations: Even if have one-time consultations we are absolutely responsible for our recommendations.

Our approach

When employing an attorney it is as if you adopt a new member of your family. Though you can’t choose your relatives you can and should choose a good attorney. We think that as soon as we become a member of your corporate family we must:

  • Always be at hand: You can call us and get a professional advice 24 hours a day 7 days a week. An emergency like an audit or a foreign partner visit can happen on weekend and we’re ready to receive your call even on Saturday evening.
  • Always be ready for everything: We always have all the legislation amendments at hand and are ready to provide the reasonable and justified forecast and analytics for your business.
  • Be profitable and advantageous: The annual fee can be compared to the annual salary of a staff attorney. If you already have on in your team – that’s great: we’ll find a common language with him or her and make the work of each other more efficient.

We’re looking forward to working with you!

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