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After the completion of pre-trial investigation, a case is transferred to the first criminal court. Hearings take place here; the judge evaluates arguments of the prosecution and the defense. The court will decide in favor of the party with the most convictive evidence and speech.

According to the law, if an accused person or a victim don’t have a lawyer, the state provides a free defender for them. This is a delicate point of a criminal case, because these lawyers often cooperate with the prosecution instead of giving real help to their clients. They will seem polite and courteous, but will not truly fight for their client.

Sometimes accused persons or victims study the criminal code and try to defend themselves on their own. We do not recommend doing this for two reasons. Firstly, the Criminal Procedural Code of Ukraine contains 485 articles, which makes it impossible to study them or at least understand their main idea short time before the trial, to say nothing of using them freely in court. Secondly, apart from the knowledge of the Criminal Procedural Code of Ukraine, the accusation has vast experience in conducting court cases and will destroy badly prepared self-defense as a sandcastle.

To successfully conduct a criminal case in court, you need a person possessing the same power of persuasion and legal knowledge as the prosecution, – a criminal defense lawyer.


A lawyer without the advocate status may not appear in court as a legal representative.

Our approach

Before standing up in court, our lawyer is doing a tremendous amount of preparation. He analyses all the case materials, including interrogation records, evidence, examination data, and clarifies the facts. He meets relatives of the accused person, witnesses, conducts repeated interrogations. He has an unlimited access to his client and can visit him or her in the prison wherever he needs.

Having studied all the details of the case, the lawyer starts to develop a defense strategy. There are hundreds of such strategies, and thousands of their combinations. An experienced lawyer understands them perfectly and chooses the one that best suits the situation. He agrees the strategy with the client, and explains it to everyone who is going to speak in court on the part of the defense.

During the trial, the lawyer implements the line of defense and does not allow the prosecution to break it. He does cross-examinations, calls the necessary witnesses, provides evidence in favour of the defendant.

As a result of our lawyer’s efforts, what seemed to be an obvious case of guilt can turn into a mistake or misunderstanding for the court. And the verdict will depend on way the court interprets the facts. In our experience, 80% of criminal cases have ended in favour of our client precisely because the lawyers had a deep knowledge of the laws and precedents, which prevented the prosecution from manipulating the facts and violating the law.

Besides professionalism, a lawyer must possess an important personality trait – balance. Remember that a lawyer represents you in court, his nervous and emotional behavior will create a bad image. Our lawyers are balanced and confident people who handle cases in a smooth and methodical manner. It creates a good impression and helps our client.

There are some cases when the court’s verdict violates the law. In this case, we have the right to file an appeal. If the appeal doesn’t give any results, we appeal to the Court of Cassation, and only if we don’t achieve any the result as well, we file an appeal with the European Court of Human Rights.

If it comes to trial, don’t hesitate to call a lawyer. The more time he has before the trial, the better he will prepare the defense.

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