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Life is unpredictable, and no one is safe from seizure of their property. This can happen to those who own property and those who buy or inherit it. The good news is that 99% of the seizures can be removed with almost half of these cases being harmless.

What is a seizure of property?

Seizure is a forced measure applied by the state against debtors. Court can seize an apartment, a car, jewelry or everything which costs money. This money will be returned as a payment of debt in accordance with court decision.

Court cannot seize personal belongings and property required for professional occupation, as well as money from accounts with special user options.

The property can be seized solely by court decision, the seizure process is carried out by the executive service. No one has the right to impose a seizure without a court order.

Cases of property seizure

Property can be seized due to the following reasons:

  • During civil proceedings related to cases of maintenance, collection of debts or compensation for losses, distribution of property during divorce. The seizure of property guarantees that it will not be damaged, sold or given to someone as a gift before court decision.
  • During criminal proceedings – to protect evidence, seize belongings and pay the damages.
  • During business proceedings – to recover the debts of enterprises and private businesses.

Theoretically, there’s nothing terrible about the seizure of property in the above mentioned cases. As soon as the debtor has paid off their debts, the seizure will be removed. De facto, everything is different.


In 2006, an apartment of our clients was seized during maintenance proceedings. Everything went smoothly, he paid off his debts and lived peacefully until 2017, when he decided to give the apartment to his child. It turned out that, due to the negligence of state employees, the apartment was still under seizure, and documents on the maintenance case were lost because of their statute of limitations. He could not prove his innocence and remove the seizure himself and turned to us. We managed to recover the documents and solve the problem.

Such cases are not rare. Negligence and disinterest of employees is a scourge of the judicial system, together with abuse of authority. This is the reason why people are trying to prove their innocence for years with no success and lose their apartments, cars and other belongings.

How we can help

You can challenge any seizure. It is very uncommon that the debtor is 100% wrong. There are always mitigating circumstances and other reasons that affect the degree of guilt. Our task is to find these circumstances and use them to our advantage.

We defend the interests of citizens and legal entities. We help to challenge the evidence of guilt, return confiscated belongings, remove seizure from sold or inherited property. We will review your case and give an immediate answer – if we take the case or not – during the first consultation. If we do, you can be sure that you have already won the case. If not, we will tell you straight away to save you time and money.

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